summer school in history

History Summer Courses

Please select one of the following courses :

  • History and citizenship education
    Secondary 1 to 3

    The only available option is the one-on-one course (25 hours) and the one-on-one revision session (15 hours) offered to students who failed the theoritical competency during the school year.

  • History of Quebec and Canada
    Secondary 4

    The available options are: online group courses (45 hours) or one-on-one courses (25 hours) for students having failed one or two competencies during the school year. Note that the student can register for the ministerial retake without the course.

  • History and Contemporary World
    Secondary 5

    We do not offer summer courses to secondary 5 students for this subject. We suggest that you book the services of one of our tutors to review the concepts on the program. Visit our website or contact one of our specialists at 1-877-988-8672 for more information.

Flexible schedule

25, 40, 45 or 60 hours intensive summer courses.

Adapted formulas

Summer courses offered in online groups or individual courses.

Ministerial examinations

Ministerial examinations retake can be completed with or without preparation course.

Varied courses

Summer courses offered for all students' needs : retake, revision, remediation or prerequisite courses.