online summer course

Online Summer Group Courses

This innovative format allows a student who needs to take a summer course to do so in the comfort of their own home while at the same time receiving the same quality of teaching and support as in class. The platform used is simple and user-friendly and can be accessed using a computer or a tablet. These are not pre-recorded videos, but live classes offered by a teacher.

Each class is recorded and made available to the students afterwards. A workbook will be given to all students in order for them to complete the work given to them by the teacher and is included in the registration fee.

The online classes last three weeks, for a total of 45 hours of teaching per course. The student must plan to be online for 4 hours per day.

All online courses will be given between Wednesday, July 3rd and Friday, July 19th 2020 inclusively, except for ministerial sanctioned courses. Final exams will take place Thursday, July 18th and Friday, July 19th*. Students must be present for these exams and they will not be allowed to retake them.

Ministerial sanctioned courses will be given between Wednesday, July 10th and Friday, July 26th 2020 inclusively. Final exams will take place on Friday, July 26th as well as on the date set by the ministry according to the July 2020 session calendar*. Students must be present for these exams and they will not be allowed to retake them.

Students will be able to access their ministerial results upon their publication. Follow this link to obtain the procedure.

* With the exception of ministerial exams (please refer to the exam schedule.)

Open doors

In order to discover the virtual classroom and allow the student to configure his / her parameters before class begins, we strongly recommend that you log in to the virtual classroom during one of the following periods:

For courses starting on July 4th

  • Thursday, June 27th (3:00PM to 6:00PM)
  • Friday, June 28th (12:00PM to 3:00PM)
  • Tuesday, July 2nd (9:00AM to 12:00PM)

For courses starting on July 11th

  • Thursday, July 4th (3:00PM to 6:00PM)
  • Friday, July 5th (12:00PM to 3:00PM)
  • Tuesday, July 9th (9:00AM to 12:00PM)

School Success formula's advantages

  • Courses taken in the comfort of your home
  • 4 hours of online teaching daily
  • Courses are recorded to allow for review and quality control
  • Attendance is taken as with a regular course
  • Formative exam right from the first week of courses
  • Proactive communication between teacher and parent
  • Summer report card given at the end of the course
  • Detailed progress report given at the end of the course

Flexible schedule

15, 25, 40, 45 or 60 hours intensive summer courses.

Adapted formulas

Summer courses offered in class groups, online groups or individual courses.

Ministerial examinations

Ministerial examinations retake can be completed with or without preparation course.

Varied courses

Summer courses offered for all students' needs : retake, revision, remediation, complete courses or prerequisite courses.