ministerial exams

Ministerial Examinations 2019

Other than the regular summer courses, School Success offers the possibility to register for ministerial examinations with or without preparation included.

Ministerial Examinations Schedule

The ministerial examinations schedule is the same across the province and remains inflexible under any condition for anyone. It is possible to consult the summer examination schedule under this link.

Registration deadlines

Students have to register for ministerial examinations before July 21th 2019. This date is not valid for French V and Advanced English V exams. The deadline to register for these two exams is July 16th 2019.

Access to June final results

Students will be able to access online their June ministerial examinations results upon their publication on July 5th 2019. Follow this link to obtain the procedure.

Results transmission

The summer ministerial exams' results will be transmitted directly to the Education Ministry (MEES). Please note that for the non-evaluated competencies, the students' previous result will be used to calculate their final grade. These two grades total will determine the students' final grade for 2018-2019 in the determined discipline.

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Flexible schedule

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Ministerial examinations

Ministerial examinations retake can be completed with or without preparation course.

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