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  • Who are the students that may be interested in the Summer School courses?

    School Success Summer School offers its courses to various clienteles. Students who :

        • Have already taken a highschool course once, but unfortunately failed;
        • Require a course to complete their DES;
        • Want to register for mathematic or science prerequisite course for Cegep;
        • Need to retake ministerial exams or;
        • Wish to consolidate the notions they learned throughout the school year.


        Contact us. Our team will help you to better target your needs.

  • What are the Summer School courses offered?

    School Success offers high school students all the summer courses they need to graduate.

    Whether it be a course in Sciences, Mathematics, French, English, or in the Social Sciences field, our qualified teachers know how to support all students toward their success.

    *Please note that all our summer courses are held in French and that we cannot declare any results for the anglophone education sector.*

    Contact us. Our team will present you in details all the courses offered.

  • What are the Summer School courses formulas offered?

    Adapted formulas are offered to respond to students' specific needs :

      • In class and online group courses (retake and bridges)
      • Individual courses (retake and bridges)
      • Ministerial examinations retake without preparation
      • High School Prep Program


    Contact us. Our team will help you to find the most convenient formula.

  • Where are organized Summer School courses?

    All of School Success Summer School group courses are offered online. Some of them are also offered in class at the Collège de Montréal and the Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney.

    Individual summer courses will be organized online and at our Apprenticeship Centers situated in Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges) and Longueuil.

    Eight different places situated in five different Quebec's area are available for the students to complete their examinations.

    Contact us. Our team will help you to identify the closer place offered!

  • When will take place the Summer School courses?

    Please note that summer courses periods vary according to the chosen course level and formula.

    The different online and in class group summer courses will take place either on:

    • July 1rst to July 26th
    • July 3rd to July 19th
    • July 10th to July 26th


    The individual summer courses will be organized between June 24th to August 9th depending on the chosen course level.

    Contact us. Our team will inform you about the exact dates that apply to your course!

  • How much is the cost for Summer School courses?

    Based on the summer courses popularity and our different partnerschools' academic needs, various courses formulas are offered to respond to every student's need.

    Contact us. Our team will inform you about the specific price applied to the desired formula!

  • Is School Success a ministerial accredited school?

    Absolutely! School Success is an unsubsidised private academic establishment registered with the 'Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur'. Our license number is #167500-01.

    All courses offered are given in accordance with the Education Ministry program. School Success will transfer the students' results to their school and the Education Ministery.

    Do not hesitate to contact us! It will be a pleasure for our team to give you more information about the grades' transmission!

  • How to register in Summer School courses?

    Registrations to School Success Summer School take place online. You can click this link to register.

    You still have questions before your subscription? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • What are the other services offered by School Success during summer?

    During summer, more than retake summer courses, School Success offers a myriad of other services :


    Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more informations about these services!

  • Other questions about Summer School courses?

    Contact us. Our team will help you to better target your needs.

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Summer courses are offered by School Success — a private tutoring organization that helped more than 30 000 students since its opening in 2006.
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