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School Success offers high school students all the summer courses they need to graduate. Whether it be a course in science, math, French, English, or in the social sciences, our qualified teachers know how to accompany your child toward success.

Please note that all our courses are held in French and that we cannot declare any results for the anglophone sector.

Summer courses are offered :

  • to high school students who have failed one or more of the basic disciplines;
  • to those who have to retake ministerial exams, or;
  • to those who wish to consolidate what they learned throughout the school year;
  • to students wishing to register to a mathematic or science bridge.

Depending on the popularity of each course and the arrangements we've made with our partners, various options are available to adapt our services to everyone's unique circumstances. Refer to this registration form to learn about the options available to you for the following courses:

All the courses we offer are given in accordance with the Ministry of Education's program. School Success will also take care of transferring your child's result to their school in order to make your job easier.



The registration period runs from May 15th to July 22th, 2019. Please note that the registration period vary according to the chosen course.

Please read below the information on open doors for our online apprenticeship platform and our partner schools:

Online courses

Open doors

In order to explore the virtual classroom and allow the students to configure the settings before class beginnings, click here during one of the following periods:

For courses starting on July 3th (dates and hours are still to confirm)

  • Thursday, June 27th (15h00 à 18h00)
  • Friday, June 28th (12h00 to 15h00)
  • Tuesday, July 2nd (9h00 to 12h00)

For courses starting on July 10th (dates and hours are still to confirm)

  • Thursday, July 4th (15h00 à 18h00)
  • Friday, July 5th (12h00 to 15h00)
  • Tuesday, July 2nd (9h00 to 12h00)

Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney

Open doors

Dates and hours are still to confirm

School Success is a non-subsidized French high school recognized by the MEES. We are located at 905, chemin Tiffin, Longueuil, Québec, Canada.

All our summer courses are offered in french and are for highschool (secondary) level.

For further information, please call 1 877 988-8672


Succès Scolaire


  • 15, 25, 40, 45 or 60 hours intensive sessions
  • Courses in groups, online or one-on-one
  • Flexible schedule
  • Preparatory courses for ministerial exam retake
  • Varied summer courses :

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